Professional Results from a Professional Team
As well as residential work, we also provide a wide range of tiling services for commercial clients in the Lower Mainland region. We can assure our clients that they will receive the best results possible with our experienced team taking care of all aspects of the work.
Quality Assurance
Pinoy Tile Contracting Ltd is dedicated to providing our clients with a high standard of service and quality of workmanship. Our Quality Assurance Management System is a consultative process, developed and supported by senior management and includes a number of processes to help ensure quality is always at the highest of standards.
Occupational Health and Safety & Risk Management
Pinoy Tile Contracting Ltd has a strong commitment and objectives toward occupational health & safety. We believe that the well-being of people employed at work and people affected by our work is a major priority and must be considered during all work performed on our behalf. Our Work Method Statements have been developed in-house in close consultation with our qualified supervisors, skilled office staff and trade staff of all levels. We develop job-specific risk assessments and work method statements which detail all aspects of works performed, potential hazards and control measures.